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Is this goodbye? April 20, 2009

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   As I reflect on the ICT course I realize how far I have come in the world of technology.  I may not be overly computer savvy but I recognize (and use) a lot more of the latest and greatest!  There are so many wonderful and engaging communication tools out there on the web and there is a part of me that refuses to get acquainted because I feel like I already have a mild addiction to email and Facebook.  I don’t want to allow myself to slip into a virtual comma where I forget how to have face to face interactions with people.  That thought terrifies me!

I really enjoyed making and uploading the podcast.  There are hundreds of ways to use the Digital Voice Recorders and I think this will be used often in my classroom.  It is simple enough for the grade one kids to use it on their own and uploading  is simple too.  Hopefully, if our final project is accepted by administration (classroom newsletters as a blog instead of a bi-monthly email), my kids will be able to upload all sorts of their learning onto the class blog for all to enjoy.  It sounds exciting!

This class was a wonderful eye opening experience and although I was frustrated from time to time, it was well worth the time and effort by all.  I am unsure if this blog will ever be written on again…..but there is always a possibility 🙂


Pod-a-rific!!! March 26, 2009

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 Since doing our awesome podcasts (Shanonina Rocks!), I have begun on a podcasting  journey.  I have been exploring various ways to reach out to my niece and nephew back in the States and I think that podcasting might be the media I have been searching for.  Since Alan November presented to the staff, I have been looking for ways to read books with Jackson and Reese so they are able to see the pictures and hear my voice, as if we were sitting snuggling together.  A few weeks back I purchased some fun literature on Amazon and had the books shipped to their house, meanwhile, I have been recording my voice reading those same books. While I was home last week we hooked them up with their own IPODs so now when I upload my podcasts I can place them in a variety of sites (ITunes, GCast, etc.) and they can  ‘be with me’ now anytime they want!  The use of technology is so amazing when you can personalize it and this just makes me feel amazing in knowing they won’t forget the sound of my voice!!!

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Beginning To See the Light…… February 24, 2009

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What are your aims for the course?

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My aims for the course are to learn how to integrate  simple technology-based lessons in authentic and meaningful ways. I would like to move away from only using simple ‘PowerPoints’ and ‘Google Image’ searches and expand our knowledge base by reaching out globally to other classrooms around the world. I would like the opportunity to take advantage of the vast cultures within my classroom and reach out to their friends and families in other countries. 

As I learn more about Web 2.0 I see this as a manageable goal and I am excited about all the possibilities!


Second session and still feeling uneasy…… February 13, 2009

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Nadine’s Blog

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My Post February 9, 2009

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 How I am feeling about taking a course after a long day of school!